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Hybrid Bermuda

This is the most commonly sold grass that we provide. It matches well with already established common Bermudas. This makes it perfect for the average home-owner looking to repair a bad spot in their existing yard. It has a medium-sized blade which helps it maintain a beautiful dark-green color. This grass, like all Bermudas, likes sun and spreads very rapidly to give good coverage if water, fertilizer and mowing are applied on a regular basis.



A fine bladed strain of Bermuda grass noted for its compact growth. It is often selected for fine homes and golf course fairways as a “show-case” grass. To maintain the best appearance, grass clippings must be picked up when mowing. The use of water, fertilizer and regular mowing are needed for this grass to thrive just as in other Bermudas. This is a sun-loving grass and can tolerate both heat and cold.

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Certified Only

TifTuf is drought tolerant, shade tolerant, and has a shorter dormancy period than TifWay. It is the perfect choice for sports fields and homeowners wanting a pristine yard. What does certified mean? Find out more here.




A carpet-like grass that will tolerate more shade than Bermuda, but it is much slower at spreading. Zoysia has a dense root system that makes it suitable for high traffic areas. In order to maintain the best appearance, clippings need to be picked up while mowing. Due to its extreme hardiness, it is being used on golf courses as well as fine homes. Regular watering, mowing and fertilization make this an outstanding lawn grass.


Fine Blade

A finer blade than the Meyer. It does not spread as fast as Bermuda, but it is tougher than Bermuda. Its dense root system requires a less frequent but longer watering schedule, fertilizer and mowing (with clippings removed). You will be rewarded with a beautiful lawn.



Turf-Type Tall Fescue

Knowing that over half of the homes in any city have trees, we set out to find a shade loving grass that would provide a green lawn year-round. Johnathan Green supplies us with grass seed that is superior to any other variety we have grown before. Water is essential for fescue as well as special care in fertilizing and mowing. Need more?



Native Grass

Buffalo is a native grass to the area and is best suited for extremely low maintenance areas. 609 requires less water, fertilizer, and mowing when compared to any other grass. It can accommodate poor soil conditions and survive drought conditions. This is only offered as certified grass, find out more here.

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