Updated Fescue Information

Due to the flooding of Spring 2019 and increased demand this year, we have sold out of Black Beauty Fescue until our newly planted seed is ready to harvest in December-January.

We have partnered with an out of state farm to supply us with fescue until our new crop of Black Beauty is ready to harvest.
Call the sales office at 918 369 3661 for information and availability.

Fescue Sod Info:

  • Grown from Pennington Gold Tag Seed
  • 450 sq/ft per full pallet
  • 2’x4.5’ Rolls – 9 sq/ft per Roll
  • 50 Rolls per pallet


We will be getting 20 pallets of Fescue brought to our store on Memorial at least once a week on Wednesdays starting 10/16/2019. Additional loads will be made available based on demand. 14+ pallet orders can be made available anytime with a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Black Beauty Fescue Seed is still available.